How can you plan for the clock change?

How can you plan for the clock change later this month?

autumn 2I love Autumn – especially warm ones! Cool misty mornings followed by sunny afternoons, blackberry picking and crunching through piles of golden leaves. The bit of Autumn I don’t love so much is the changing clocks – the beginning of long dark evenings, darker mornings and the possibility of even earlier wake up calls from little ones!!!


If your little one has a tendancy to wake around 6am, that will become 5am once the clocks go back on Sunday 25th October – it doesn’t even bare thinking about it your little one currently wakes at 5.30am as that will become 4.30am!!tired mummy


But don’t worry – if you’re reading this during the beginning of October there is time to make gentle adjustments to your little ones routine in order to minimize disruption later in the month.


By gently moving their routine 15 minutes forward every week, for the next few weeks, by the time you come to changing the clocks, their body clocks will hopefully already be adjusted. All aspects of their routine will be affected – not just bedtime – you should aim to move feed or meal times, nap times if appropriate, bath time, bedtime and also the time they start the day in the morning. It is often easier to start making adjustments at the beginning of the day and then the rest of the changes should be easier to manage. Some clients find it helpful to have a simple chart to follow which helps remind them of all the changes that need to be made.autumn 1

I hope you have a sunshine and blackberry filled Autumn!

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