Parenting Dilemmas

Children can easily reduce their parents to tears – both tears of joy and tears of frustration!

parenting dilemmas helpHaving children can be the most rewarding yet also the most frustrating time of our lives!

Due to ever increasing pressures in our daily lives, we often find ourselves without the time or energy to consider how we can encourage positive changes in our child’s behaviour or routine, and find ourselves accepting situations that we are not happy with.

Over the past 20 years I have offered advice and support to parents who are struggling to see how they can find a solution to their parenting dilemmas.

Often, taking time out and talking situations through with a person who is not emotionally involved with the situation, can enable the solution to be found.

I am able to come to your home and spend time with you, talking through any dilemmas you may have. Together, we can discuss various techniques and behaviour management methods that will help you and your child, and I will write an individual plan to help encourage positive change for you and your family.

I am happy to keep in regular telephone contact with my families, offering support and encouragement in continuing with the newly established routines and parenting techniques.

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