Sleep Solutions Consultations

Unwelcome night time waking and erratic sleep patterns of babies and small children can impact on the whole family. We often struggle as parents, due to our own tiredness, to find a resolution to these problems, and end up doing everything and anything we can, just to get some sleep!

Baby sleep trainingPositive sleep associations lead to happy bedtimes, peaceful transitions to sleep and restful nights for everyone.

I believe my gentle, calm and consistent approach is reassuring for parents and their babies or children.

At all times I follow the “safer sleep for babies” recommendations of The Lullaby Trust (formerly FSID) and the guidelines of the NHS for reducing the risk of cot death.

I offer a variety of Baby and Child Sleep Solutions to suit you and your family’s needs. I am able to visit you at home, or chat via FaceTime / Skype, to discuss how I can help improve your little one’s sleep. In order to understand their sleeping patterns, I will email you a 5 day sleep or feed/sleep diary to complete before the consultation.

Following the consultation I will email you a summary of your personal sleep plan, detailing the strategies, techniques and routines that we have spoken about.

Newborn and Young Baby (under 6 months) Sleep Consultation & 6 weeks follow up support £295 + travel

Call 07974 705693 or fill in my enquiry form.

A newborn baby may wake two, three, or maybe more times during the night to feed. This is perfectly normal as their little tummies can only hold small volumes of milk.

Over time it is possible to encourage longer periods of sleep, and I feel that by “starting as you mean to go on” in the early weeks, parents are able to achieve peaceful nights sooner than they imagined. During your Newborn and Young Baby Consultation, we can look at:

  • Your baby’s feeding and sleeping patterns
  • Your personal goals for your baby’s sleep
  • How to promote desirable sleep habits
  • Gentle techniques to encourage self settling
  • Establishing a flexible routine
  • Your personal sleep plan

Baby and Child Sleep Consultation with 6 weeks follow up support – £295.

Call 07974 705693 or fill in my enquiry form.

Over the age of 6 months, babies frequent night waking and feeds are often related to their struggles with self soothing and being unable to fall asleep without help (rocking, feeding, sucking etc), rather than a need for nutrition.

It is possible to gently teach your baby how to settle to sleep independently at the beginning of the night, and to re-settle in the middle of the night when transitioning between sleep cycles. During your Baby and Child Sleep Consultation, we can look at:-

  • Bedtime routines
  • Encouraging good sleep habits
  • Dropping night feeds
  • Daytime naps
  • Sleep Associations – the good and the bad!!!
  • Strategies and techniques to improve your baby or child’s sleep
  • Your personal sleep plan

Follow-Up Support

I am very happy to keep in regular telephone or email contact with my families, to support and encourage them in establishing their new routine. 6 weeks unlimited support via email / phone / text is included within all Sleep Solution Consultations.