Maternity nurse in HampshireSarah was a life saver when it came to help my husband and I get my 11 month old to sleep better. Our son was waking up every hour on the hour nearly and we had nearly 11 months of no sleep and I was really struggling. It was especially hard as I had an older son and was back at work. Sarah had been recommended by another mom local to me. She listened to our situation and created a sleep plan. It took a few weeks to really see the change but eventually it did and now my baby sleeps through the night. Sarah helped with coaching us through the bumps with follow up calls and text messages. I just wish I had spoken someone like Sarah with my first child. Thank you for all your help.

C & J, Tetbury, December 2021

We contacted Sarah for our 7-week old baby who didn’t sleep well at night, i.e. only one hour stretches. We had an initial consultation that went in depth to understand our particular situation and needs and Sarah was very pragmatic in her approach. She helped us develop a tailored strategy to progress our baby on his independent sleep development; sharing some very valuable tools and techniques. More importantly, this helped us gain the confidence and reassurance we needed to help our baby settle to sleep by himself and make positive associations. Thank you so much Sarah, that made such a positive difference!

D & D, Newbury, May 2021

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. Her approach is so empathetic and practical, and she really took the time to talk through our situation with us. And although it wasn’t clear at first what was causing our 1 year old son’s night wakings (we had been doing everything “by the book” and he could settle himself to sleep already), she worked on a program for us that addressed his needs and ours- and this was so important, that Sarah thought about what life was like for us as stressed parents and how we might reduce that stress even if the night wakings continued (they didn’t, hooray!). Because she offers the 6 week follow up, we had total peace of mind that we would be able to contact her with questions, which took the pressure off in a way that packages from other sleep consultants don’t. In fact, we just had 2 or 3 follow up calls to talk about how well it was going and Sarah gave us extra advice about managing the upcoming 2 to 1 nap transition. She is so generous with her knowledge and flexible with her time, and a lovely person to talk to!  If you have reached that point where the internet and its endless conflicting guidance has broken you, and you need a kind, knowledgeable, good humoured guide, Sarah is your woman.

S & S, London – April 2021

Thank you so so much for all your help and advice you offered us for [our daughter’s] sleep. Things have improved drastically and we have you to thank! I never thought we would get to where we are now. Big thank you from a very well rested, not sleep deprived family!

T & P, Warminster – July 2020

Sarah was an invaluable source of help when I was dealing with my first baby and his lack of sleep. Both my husband and I felt very alone when it came to advice and had a very unhappy baby and mummy who weren’t sleeping well. From the first FaceTime call she was able to detect my son was not getting enough food and this was contributing towards the issue. The call was informative and very helpful. We followed through with her action plan and required only one further call for assistance, although we knew we could contact her any time  through our action plan. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you have issues with your baby sleeping.

VH – London – March 2020

Thank you so much for your time today and for the really detailed notes. It feels really positive to have a clear strategy to move forward with *our son’s* sleeping. I also really appreciated how carefully you listened to our situation and valued your encouragement that we will be able to help *him* to sleep better.

E – Wiltshire – January 2020

By the time I decided to seek Sarah’s help, I was totally at the end of the line with my daughter who at 6 months, was not sleeping well during the day and waking pretty much every hour on the hour throughout the night. I tried to read up on it and speak to other mothers but there was so much conflicting advice out there, and moreover, nothing I tried seemed to work. Upon reflection I probably wasn’t sticking to anything for long enough. Sarah listened to me and created a plan which I was happy with and suited me and more importantly, my daughters temperament.

I can’t thank Sarah enough. It took about a week to get my daughter into a routine and now she sleeps beautifully. She’s a well rested child who is much more cheerful during the day. What I also found so helpful was that Sarah was always free to answer any question or concern I had throughout the whole process. I don’t think I could have done it without her support. I recommend her to anyone who’ll listen! Thank you so much Sarah.

Iva – Reading – December 2019

Thank you so much for your time and fantastic advice. It really has completely changed our lives. We now have a happy, lively baby who is a joy, especially as we are also happy and lively, not sleep deprived and grumpy!
P and Z – Salisbury – May 2019
Sarah, I just wanted to say thank you for your help with our one year old’s sleep issues. By following your guidance, he’s gone from waking up to 9 times a night to sleeping through much of the time. I’m sure it will continue to improve too as he is teething. It’s been a life-changing difference for us and I can now start to feel like a functioning human being again. Thank you very, very much for your help.
Catherine – Cheltenham – January 2019

We contacted Sarah when our twins were 14 months old.  We were struggling with constant night wakes and both had recently started to fight naps and bedtime.  We were so sleep deprived and working full time, it was really affecting our lives.  Putting them to bed was also becoming a problem in that often my partner wouldn’t be home from work in time to help me and I just couldn’t put them down in different rooms without them screaming their heads off.  I would dread bedtime and get anxious and  panic if my partner wasn’t home in time to help me.  We had no life.

We would sleep in different rooms most nights as they were both constantly waking.  My little boy had separation anxiety which made it difficult to leave his side until he was back to sleep – which sometimes took 3 hours in the middle of the night!  We already had a routine in place so couldn’t see where we were going wrong.

We had a consultation with Sarah and she immediately pointed out things we could change in our routine and the way we put them down to sleep from day 1. I was very conscience of my little boy’s separation anxiety and wanted to take a more gentle approach.
We agreed on the gradual method.  We also decided to do one twin at a time, so started with my boy.  On the 2nd night, he slept all night and continued this for over a week.  He had a couple of poor nights after that due to illness, teething etc, but we stuck with the plan with guidance from Sarah.

After 2 weeks, we started with our little girl. For the first night, she protested immensely and then again during the night.   We stuck with it and she settled herself to sleep – We couldn’t believe it!  I honestly thought she would have been harder to crack.  She took about 4 days, but eventually started sleeping through.

We got to a sticking point a few weeks later where we couldn’t move onto the next stage in the gradual method – we couldn’t leave the room until they were fully asleep. Again, Sarah gave us great techniques to follow and it worked a treat.   Now we can put them in their cots and walk out the door – not a peep from them and they even wave us off!

My boy has totally mastered the art of sleeping and we don’t hear from him at all until 7am.  He recently had a hospital stay and the nurses commented on how well he was sleeping compared to all the other children in the ward!  My son?  Never!!
My girl is still occasionally fussy and wakes during the night which I think maybe teething, sometimes for an hour or so, but we just leave her now and she goes back off by herself.
It took us a little longer than the plan as we really did take a gradual approach, which Sarah was great at tweeking when we needed it.
They really are so much happier during the day as they are sleeping better.  My boys separation anxiety has greatly improved as he’s realised that we are coming back in the morning.
We have even had two nights out with the twins for family events and have successfully tweeked their day naps accordingly and they still slept through the night.

I cannot tell you how much Sarah has helped change our lives, as I write this I am welling up with emotion as I cannot believe the place we were 8 weeks ago!  We are both so much more confident with our routine\awake times and bedtime.  I can even put them both to bed by myself – which is something I never thought I would ever be able to do.  I no longer panic at bedtime and can now sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and relax!

My only regret is that I didn’t contact Sarah when they were 6 months old.
Thank you so much Sarah, we cannot recommend you enough 🙂

D & C – Berkshire – October 2018

My husband and I contacted Sarah with regards to our 4 month old twin girls. We were having trouble with night waking, settling for daytime naps in cots and we were using dummies for both girls.

We had a skype consultation which highlighted several issues for immediate action and then those which were for a longer term strategy. Sarah then quickly followed this up with a comprehensive report so that everything we had discussed could be used for regular reference. We then continued to keep in regular contact with Sarah, who was very prompt and thorough in her follow up advice.

Talking to an experienced professional gave us the confidence to make changes and follow through with her kind but firm strategies. We have now successfully removed the dummies and are much more confident about appropriate routines and awake times. We will continue to use these strategies long term in order to remain consistent and to encourage two well rested little girls. Many thanks Sarah.

Helen – Dorset – August 2018

We spoke with Sarah around the 1 year mark, as my son was still routinely waking 2-3 times per night and just taking ages to settle in between, leaving me with only 3-5 hours sleep per night. We’d tried various techniques after I stopped breast feeding around 11 months, but I got to the point where somehow (crazily) I was sleeping on the floor next to his bed and was just exhausted. Sarah was able to quickly spot some of the big mistakes we’d made, and pin point where to prioritise our efforts to teach our little one good sleep habits again. For me, it was important to find a compassionate but clear and consistent way forward. I’d say that almost immediately we could see the results. Within a week, I was getting 6-8 hours sleep and within 2 10-11 hours. I can’t tell you how much joy there is in getting sleep after you’ve not had enough for a long time, but Sarah Wheeler is absolutely worth her weight in gold. My health and sanity is well & truly back on track, as is that of the rest of our little family. I can’t thank her enough for her firm but fair guidance.

Laura – Cheltenham – May 2018

We called Sarah to help us build the right foundations for our 3 month old little girl. We had a Skype consultation and she sent us her recommendations, we implemented them one by one as we wanted to go for the most gentle approach and we have now implemented all recommendations – we have now ditched the dummy and have a little girl who is able to settle herself to sleep, Sarah has been amazing every step of the way!!

Claire – Cheltenham – May 2018

Sarah is an absolute star, couldn’t recommend her highly enough for all your sleep related problems! Before we went through Sarah’s sleep training, our 20 month old had never slept more than 45 minutes on his own and we were broken by sleep deprivation and really didn’t think he would ever sleep through the night, but within a couple of weeks he was in his own room sleeping for hours at a time and now sleeps 12 hours every night. We can’t believe how quick the turnaround has been and Sarah provided guidance and encouragement along the way along with a structured, tailored program. Don’t hesitate – call her now!

W & S – Hampshire – March 2018

My oldest child had always been a good sleeper until the age of 4. Our second baby arrived in May and he was always very good with her. A series of events disturbed his sleep routine – maybe a new baby and he started be afraid to sleep by himself. It was a nightmare we had 6 months of bad sleeping behaviour , not going to sleep and only sleeping the night if his dad would sleep on the floor in his bedroom . We tried our best to get him to sleep alone again and be happy, but we didn’t succeed. I decided to contact Sarah and hoped for the best..we were tired, grumpy and he was a nightmare day time too. Sarah was so lovely . We had 2 hours consultation where she listened to us and all our worries, asking in depth all things regarding our son routine. Then she gave us ideas how to improve his sleep . She came back the next day with a sleep plan and notes to help us with the changes. The notes were simple to follow and we never felt pushed into anything we weren’t happy to do it. She was there every step of the way. ..I’m not ashame to say I contacted her daily and she always helped me . My boy is back to sleeping 7pm to 6.30 am . Happy family again. Thank you Sarah you gave us a gift …we have our boy back and we can spend time together like a couple should do…We cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She has not only transformed our toddler’s sleep, but transformed our whole family’s life and mental health!

Francesca – Hampshire – March 2018

After 19 months of broken sleep, low energy and regular co-sleeping, both my husband and I were feeling pretty low and also found it hard to envisage ever having another child. Both our mental and physical health was suffering and we felt pretty hopeless.
Enter Sarah. Not only did she give us invaluable advice, our conversations were incredibly empowering and encouraging and gave us huge confidence as parents to feel more in control.
Sarah completely met us where we were in terms of how gently to approach sleep training, but also made us aware of various strategies we could use on the ‘spectrum’ of approaches, depending on how gently we wanted to go.
We were absolutely gobsmacked by the results. Our delightful but very strong-willed daughter (with a lot of stamina!) started sleeping through from the very first night of proper sleep training, and has slept in her own bed (generally 7-7) every night since. This is a huge change from several night wakings lasting 2-3 hours each time, and often co-sleeping. My husband and I feel like different people, and the change is also evident in our daughter too- now more rested, she is able to enjoy life and laugh and explore so much more, where previously her mood was more irritable and short-fused. Bedtimes used to be a real struggle, and something we dreaded; they are now a really special time we all enjoy.
Thank you Sarah, you have truly transformed our life and we will no doubt be coming back to you for tips in the future if we have another baby!

Mrs F – Hampshire – January 2018

I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough. I went to her when my daughter was going through some sleep problems at 16 months and found her approach and advice invaluable. Sarah was extremely thorough when taking a history and details of the problem, she has a very sensible and pragmatic approach. She really helped to put my mind at rest and offered fantastic advice. She helped tweak my daughters routine and within a week or so my daughter was sleeping through the night again and napping well.
I have also very recently contacted Sarah again to discuss further aspects of my daughter’s change in nap length and times bag, and once again found her to be a fantastic sounding board and great support.
I would highly recommend Sarah to my friends and colleagues.

Lucie – August 2017 and January 2018

When we had our daughter I felt like all the endless advice from NCT groups and baby books was massively confusing, conflicting, and most of all entirely unrealistic. We were lucky as our baby slept well relatively speaking, but for us the whole newborn thing was uncharted waters and so we wanted some reassurance and advice from a professional on how to make sure she was a good independent sleeper in the future. Sarah is honestly so fab and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. In the fog of ‘new baby brain’ Sarah is able to help you think through what’s important to you and what works for you and your family. She’s not prescriptive or driven by some immovable ideals, she’s pragmatic and caring. I haven’t looked at a baby book once since seeing Sarah and our little girl is doing really well.

Frances – Wiltshire – September 2017

We called Sarah after 7 months of broken sleep. Every night we were having to go in to settle him back to sleep. By the time we called Sarah we were going in up to 10 times a night. After an extremely thorough phone consultation with Sarah we felt confident enough to implement all of the changes she suggested including quitting the dummy, something we would have never been brave enough to do. We had no expectations and thought it would take a long time for the changes to start working, however right from night 1 we had better sleep. On night 1 he slept right through to 4.30 (amazing for us) and by night 18 he was consistently going through to at least 5.30-6.
We paid for the additional 6 weeks of support which has been invaluable as it means any questions we had we could ask. Sarah even responded to our emails whilst on her holiday! The results are more than we could have ever hoped for and most importantly we now have a sleeping baby who is happier as a result of sleeping so well. Thank you so much Sarah!

Michael and Carly – Basingstoke – August 2017

Just a brief email to let you know how we are getting on.
He [2 yrs old]  is now consistently sleeping through the night and staying in his own bed. We are able to read him a story and then leave him to fall asleep on his own with no fuss at all. He does not try to get out of bed either.

My wife and I have even managed to get up, shower and have breakfast together before he wakes! He is in bed by 7.30pm and not getting up any earlier than 7am. The only times he has woken is to ask for water -given the warm weather that is fair enough.

Thank you so much for all your help – we really appreciate it. It has genuinely made a huge difference to our lives.

Mark – Wiltshire – July 2017

I have been wanting to write but was fearful of doing it too soon! You are amazing! [Our 16 month old] is transformed and so is our life! We can’t thank you enough! I think I said I was managing my own expectations of what you would be able to do – especially after 16months of merry hell – but what we have experienced is nothing short of magic! We started the new regime on the friday evening – which gave us a chance to get the food set up right too. Friday evening was interesting but i was so confident having spoken to you and then having the brilliant notes to read (what a difference that makes – you are so kind to do it!)

Since then he has not looked back – i can’t begin to explain how extraordinary it is – all naps and bedtimes have been completely calm and almost no crying at all! He doesn’t have milk in the chair anymore but i did buy one of those dummy bunny things which has been brilliant because I can be really confident that he can find a dummy if he does cry out in the night which is almost never and we haven’t had to go in to him once!! The early waking is reliably between 5 and 6am (no earlier!) and we are working on leaving him then too.

I have been waiting for the night of hell but so far no sign of it! We stayed last night at my parents’ house and he was a bit resistant to settling again but the same routine and he was down within 10 mins.

Thank you Sarah. What an amazing thing you do – I honestly feel this family won’t look back! Everything about your approach is so professional and experienced and thorough which made me feel completely confident and the way you picked up on the nub of the issue (falling asleep so quickly) made me feel absolutely sure about your approach. Also I loved the calm experience of a mother of 4!

Should we have another baby (!) I’ll be on the phone from week 1!!! Argh…what time we have lost to sleep deprivation!

Thank you

Jess – Hampshire – July 2017

Over the first bank holiday weekend, H slept through for consecutive nights which was just amazing and whilst he obviously still has less good nights, it is a huge relief that he has now ‘got it’! So I wanted to say an ENORMOUS thank you for all your help and support as when we started, we really were in a bit of a mess and I have no doubt in my mind that we would not be where we are now if it had not been for you. I really appreciated you taking the time and consideration to go through everything with us and tailor something that would help and ‘work’ for us. As I have said to friends and family, I don’t think I have ever spent money on something so worthwhile!

Thank you again.

Georgina – Bath – June 2017

Since he was about 3 months old, our son had been a very good sleeper, but as he got older, and his teeth started growing and he started crawling, he would wake up several times in the middle of the night. In addition, it did not help that we traveled and there was a significant time difference and jet lag. After reaching a desperate point and doing some research, I contacted Sarah. We set up a phone consultation and I set to work on implementing the recommendations that I felt most comfortable with. After a few days of hard work, I started to have very good results. Sarah even helped me to review his schedule and food to make sure that he had enough nourishment, but so that he wasn’t using his bottle as a crutch. We reviewed bed and nap time routines and at the end, I was very pleased and the whole family was sleeping better. Our son was sleeping 11 hours on average and having a 2 hour nap.

Fast forward, he is now almost a year and a half, we went traveling again with lots of time differences and jet lag. This again affected his sleep, especially naps. I thought I would help him to connect sleep cycles and hold him to help lengthen the naps. I also had guests staying and didn’t want him to wake everyone up and this brought him to my room when he cried in the middle of the night. That completely backfired, so I again called Sarah who helped me with a game plan to get us back on track and gave me reassurance. It is so nice to know that what I am doing will help him get longer and better quality sleep. I have already seen a marked improvement.

CW – Kent – May 2017

Sarah’s plan and ongoing support changed my baby’s from one that woke 2-5 times a night to breast feed to one that sleeps from 7pm-6/6:30 am. After a few days on her plan, she was actually napping and on schedule, something that never, ever happened before. I just wish I had been in touch with her earlier and didn’t have to put us through the hour long fights to get her down! What was amazing about Sarah is that she really challenged me when things weren’t working – reminding me not to send mixed messages, etc. The support was amazing and the change phenomenal. It’s changed my husband’s and my lives drastically and family and friends constantly comment how amazing it is that we can now just ‘put her down’ awake and that she goes to sleep. Thank you Sarah!!!

Elizabeth – Wimbledon – May 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice. After alot of consistency and routine following your plan and advice, I am pleased to say that [our daughter] is now sleeping through the night! She goes down lovely (has a little bit of a whine) for all her naps in the day too and sleeps so much that I have to go up and wake her lol!

It really has changed our life. Thanks again so much!

Cher & Ryan – Swindon – May 2017

Sarah has genuinely improved our quality of life so much! I am incredibly grateful to her.

We were having significant issues with sleep and it was a real problem, particularly as I was preparing to return to work. I had been having to feed my 9 month old every 90 minutes through the night for many weeks and felt like a zombie. After a thorough FaceTime consultation, Sarah gave us a gentle plan to help our baby settle on his own at night time. Within just one night of a few subtle changes we were having significantly more sleep than we had had in many months. Our boy was also much happier and more cheerful as a result. Sarah didn’t ask us to do anything we weren’t comfortable with and we didn’t have to make any significant changes. It was honestly wonderful and I wish we had known about her sooner. I’ve also recommended her to a friend who has had a similarly positive experience. I heartily recommend Sarah – thank you for all your help!x

Cat – Cheltenham – April 2017

As a new mum I was concerned about getting my baby into poor sleeping patterns accidentally as I was not sure what was right or wrong for her. Sarah came and spent time with us as a family and formulated a plan which worked for us and we have been doing this since she was a few weeks old. This gave us some structure, it was not too prescriptive and has resulted in my husband and I having some valuable time together in the evenings, despite any chaos the rest of the time. I would highly recommend Sarah’s calm, practical and experienced approach.

Claire – Thatcham – April 2017

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help!

I would say it took 3 days to get him (7.5 months old) used to the idea of a totally new routine, and in that time we took the dummy away and haven’t caved once! He’s gone from waking every 20mins to sleeping from 7-6.30am every night. He might wake once around midnight every so often, but we let him cry for a few mins and he’s soon fast asleep again until

I can’t tell you how nice it feels to know he’s fast asleep and will be zonked out until morning. I’m so confident that he will stay asleep now, that I’ve started up a SupperClub at my house, something I’d never be able to do before!

Thanks so much Sarah, I’m recommending you left right and centre!

Amelia – Windsor – March 2017

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help with our 8 1/2 month old son. What a difference it has made to follow your advice. Those small changes have really had an impact. He slept from 7:30pm til 6am without a feed last night. I couldn’t believe it. He did wake up but settled himself back to sleep by the time I got up to soothe him. The previous 3 nights he has slept from 11:30pm til morning without a feed (only had to sit with him one night to soothe him back to sleep).

So thank you. Nursery and my return to work now feel much more achievable and in the meantime I am able to enjoy my time with him so much more because I’ve actually had some sleep.

I have told lots of people about you so I hope you will have some referrals from it.
Many, many thanks from a very grateful mum!

Cat – Cheltenham – February 2017

At the point we most needed help, Sarah was an absolute godsend: our son was a terrible sleeper at night and would cry as soon as we put him down in his cot.Sarah listened, in a totally non-judgemental way, and provided us with a comprehensive report setting out an extensive list of suggestions to put in place.Nowadays when we put our son to sleep, he curls up into his favourite position and goes to sleep straightaway!

We would also thoroughly recommend the 6 week follow up support where Sarah helped us to keep up the momentum and really embed the changes we’d implemented.

N & F – Gloucester 2017

We can’t recommend Sarah enough. After a year and a half of sleepless nights my husband and I thought we might never have a full night’s sleep again. A friend gave us Sarah’s details as she was really impressed with the way she tailored her approach to the needs of each family she works with. As advocates of gentle parenting we really loved Sarah’s style. Within a few weeks of implementing Sarah’s tips we were able to leave our daughter alone in her room to put herself to sleep, which was a complete contrast to how it had been before. Soon she was sleeping through the night with no trouble at all. There were hard moments along the way but it was completely worth it and I can honestly say it has been life changing.

Thanks again Sarah! X

Anoushka – London – February 2017

We found Sarah after 3 years of early wake ups and increasingly stressful bedtimes with our toddler, topped up over the previous 10 months with 3/4 nightly wake ups from our new baby. It’s safe to say we were desperate for things to change and after one failed attempt with a previous sleep consultant Sarah gave us instant confidence that things could change if we wanted them to. She is the perfect mix of firm advice and sympathetic understanding. She’s pragmatic and works with you to create a plan of action that you are comfortable with. I really felt from the outset that she wanted to understand both our girls as individuals and I knew we weren’t getting an identikit approach. Fast forward to today and we have a toddler who we sometimes need to wake up in the morning! Bedtimes are so much less stressful and our littlest sleeps through the night. Bliss. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah – it’s an investment in your sanity!

Samantha and Ken – Fleet – October 2016

I don’t know where to start…..Sarah has been amazing helping us with our sleep problems. Our son has very bad reflux and then was very seriously poorly and by 14months we were getting an hour at a time at night sometimes even less! We really didn’t know where to start. Sarah really spent time getting to know us as a family and our parenting ideas. She really wanted to know about our sons personality, likes, dislikes and him as a child day to day. We felt very positive after our consultation and ready to tackle the sleep plan. Our son took to it very quickly and within 7 days we had 7hours in a row which had never happened in 14months. I really can’t recommend her enough she is amazing and made such a difference to all our family. Thank you Sarah x

Jonathan – Emsworth, Sussex – October 2016

I just wanted to write and thank you for making such a massive difference to our family life. When you came to visit and meet us [ 8 month old baby], I think it’s fair to say that the burden of being new parents, combined with the lack of sleep, was really getting to us both. Not really knowing what to do for the best, but knowing that what we were doing wasn’t working, reading every article and sleep book avidly but not able to function well enough to formulate a plan to rectify the situation. It’s no exaggeration to say I was at my wits end!

I am now pleased to say that we have a very happy little man (for the most part!) who loves his nap times and sleeps 11-12 hours straight at night. The difference in him during waking hours is incredible. He’s a happy, smiley, fun little man and a far cry from the overtired, sad little chap that I was struggling with! We have had a couple of blips, and one night waking, when teeth are bothering him (he now has two!) but otherwise he goes down for naps and sleep with minimal fuss and happily reaches for his bunny for comfort. He strongly associates dark and his bunny with sleep so i’m now able to take him out in the buggy with a snooze shade and his bunny if I ever need to be ‘out and about’ when he would usually nap. I try to limit these trips during nap time, but it’s helpful to know that he will still get the rest he needs if it’s necessary.

Thank you so much, you really have worked magic here! I dread to think where we would be without your logic and common sense approach.

Louise – Swindon – August 2016

Sarah was amazing, she helped us tweek our routine and gave us plenty of advice to better suit our 10 week old twin boys who were struggling with the dream feed and re settling themselves back to sleep… We now have much happier twins who get a good nights sleep and so do Mummy & Daddy so it’s smiles all around – thank you so much Sarah!!!!

Charlotte – Cheltenham – July 2016

Our daughter is a transformed little person as am I. She even managed to settle herself in her cot while her first party continued downstairs. We haven’t had any properly disturbed nights since we started your routine and we are a much happier family. Thank you so much for your help. We have been recommending you to anyone who mentions any sleep problems!

Sarah – Newbury – May 2016

When our second baby was very young we decided to be very proactive about getting good sleeping habits in place to see if we could avoid any major sleep issues rather than having to draft Sarah in in an emergency. Especially as we have a very busy toddler to keep our energy levels up for. Having chatted to Sarah for ad hoc help with number one, we felt very confident about booking her in for a newborn consultation at about 8 weeks. The consultation was very relaxed and even with a crying baby in my arms Sarah was very non judgemental. She listened and gave me a plan that suited our needs and within a few days we could start to see a difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah and have done so to many of my friends.

Emma – Marlborough – May 2016

I contacted Sarah because our 4 month old son was consistently waking at 3am and not resettling at all. The advice Sarah gave us fixed the problem within a couple of days and he began sleeping through until at least 6am. Sarah also gave us some great tips on daytime napping. I like the fact that we have the ongoing support of someone who is highly experienced in sleep issues should we encounter any more difficulties in the future. Sarah has a warm friendly manner and was completely non-judgemental about some of our ‘accidental parenting’! I would thoroughly recommend Sarah and the consultation she offers.

Suzi – Winchester – May 2016

It’s night 7 of our sleep training so I thought I would let you know how it is going. We are absolutely thrilled with the results and our daughter (9 months old) has responded to it really, really well. So we started with cuddling to sleep and quickly progressed to putting her down in the cot awake as she responded well with hardly any tears.

The evenings of nights 5 and 6 there was massive regression and night 5 was incredibly challenging. So glad you warned us of that! Tonight was AMAZING! She went into her cot happily, played with her toys a bit, got comfortable, even let off a few giggles, flopped down and went to sleep. UNHEARD OF previously and if you told me that last Tuesday we’d be doing this by Wednesday, I wouldn’t have believed you. On night 6 she slept for 5 hours straight, which she has only done on 2 other occasions in her life.

The naps are slowly getting better but I still find the afternoon one a bit challenging but I know it will get better quickly and there has been huge improvement so far. We feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We have evenings together again, our daughter is waking up much more refreshed and sleeping for longer periods and the independence is good for her.

Thank you for all your much valued advice. It was much easier than expected to change her bad habits, but I think she was ready (as were we!). I’m pleased with the approach we took as it minimised her stress and tears with wonderful results. We will keep going!

Mrs J – Wiltshire – May 2016

Our 27 month old daughter had never slept well and had always needed to be soothed to sleep by my husband or myself. With the arrival of our son, we were becoming exhausted with the multiple night awakenings and on the recommendation of our nursery we implemented the ‘cry it out technique’. By night 5 we were about to crack and were all very distressed by the process at which point I contacted Sarah. Sarah provided us with the confidence and reassurance we needed to continue with the approach whilst demonstrating great empathy in my emotional state! Sarah continued to coach me over the coming weeks and 4 wks on we have a toddler that goes to bed without crying and sleeps through the night which I would never have imagined possible. I only wish we had contacted Sarah sooner. We are now using her sleep plan [after a new baby consultation] for our son to ensure we don’t fall into the same bad habits second time around.

Caroline – Oxford – May 2016

I contacted Sarah when I was at my wits end my daughter was 6 months old and waking up to 10 times a night; 3 feeds and the rest wanting her dummy to be replaced. My husband was about to deploy for 4 months and I feared I wouldn’t cope on my own with that little sleep.

Sarah’s methods were gentle and reassuring. I only ever let my daughter cry for a minute before I would go to her and Sarah knew this and worked around it. Within two weeks we were down to two feeds. Within a month my daughter can self settle and only has 1 feed a night. I put her down awake, walk away and she falls asleep, manages the dummy herself and awakes between 6:30 and 7:00am. She has slept through the night once too.
I know that as her solid intake increases she will soon sleep through the night. I would highly recommend Sarah, she is always supportive and answers any questions I have.

Julia – Andover – May 2016

Sarah came to support my wife and I develop and implement a sleep plan for our 10 month old son in April 2016. Our son needed to be rocked or bounced for a long period prior to falling asleep.He refused to nap, and when he did so it would only be for 25 minutes. At night he would wake up after 45 minutes (after first put down) and wake every hour thereafter and a result of this we were having no more than 1 hours broken sleep per night. In order to get our son to sleep at night he was in our bed and needed to be fed to sleep. As a result of the above our son cried a lot during the day and would not be put down causing both my wife and I stress.
We booked Sarah for 5 nights and she was absolutely brilliant. She took time to understand our concerns and what we wanted to achieve and helped us with a plan of action that we could continue with after she had left. During her time with us, Sarah helped us get our son to sleep progressively better over the 5 night period. By the time she left, on night 5, he was not only sleeping in his own cot but was also only waking once during the night.
Through Sarah’s support we have been able to continue with the plan she set and our son continues to sleep much, much better which is having a positive effect on our lives and also on our two other children.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah.

James – Cheltenham – May 2016

Our 8 month old son was waking frequently throughout the night, sometimes hourly, and would only settle by being breastfed or cuddled. We contacted Sarah when I could no longer take the sleep deprivation anymore. I was completely against any sort of cry it out sleep training and Sarah’s understanding and caring attitude really helped to put our minds at rest and she designed a gentle sleep plan for us to work towards. Within a few weeks we were seeing a massive difference in our sons sleep and now he will happily settle himself to sleep and sleep through the night. Sarah has always been on hand with any advice or encouragement throughout the process even when things have gone a little off track.
I just wish we had contacted Sarah sooner.

Claire – Wolverhampton – May 2016

We contacted Sarah as we needed some help and guidance with our 8 month old who was waking a number of times a night and the only way we could settle him was with a bottle.

Sarah listened to us and devised a routine that suited our parenting style. We were surprised (and happy!) that within a few nights we were all getting much more sleep and without having to feed our son!

Sam – Swindon – April 2016

Sarah was a God send for us. We had continuing issues with our 2 year old who had slept poorly since recurrent ear infections at 7 months old. We were at our lowest ebb and didn’t know what do. Having researched on line I found Sarah and from the initial consultation she put my mind at ease.

Sarah provided us with some no nonsense guidance on how to manage our 2 year old and made us feel comfortable that we were not doing anything drastically wrong.

A week into the sleep plan and there were already noticeable differences in night wakings. We are now almost 2 months down the road and she rarely wakes at night, goes to bed without a fuss and wakes at a more reasonable time.

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. She has bought sleep back into our lives and happier parents and little girl. Thank you

Cara – Swindon – March 2016

We contacted Sarah because our one year old was still not sleeping through the night and had us up and down throughout the night, along with bad habits of him coming into our bed often!
We had a FaceTime consultation with Sarah and discussed the past year and what we wanted for our son and ourselves when it comes to a good nights sleep.
We put into place straight away everything we discussed with Sarah and it was just amazing how quickly it worked! Within a couple of nights we had gone from 3/4/5 wake ups to maybe 1 and then within the week he was sleeping through.
In addition to this day time napping has been completely redesigned!! We were lucky to have 1 hour in the afternoon after a lot of fussing and now we have 2 hours plus making for a much happier family all round!
I can highly recommend Sarah’s services as it’s really made such a difference to us.

Nicole – Fleet – March 2016

Sarah’s advice has been so valuable for us and has really helped us to establish a good bedtime routine for our baby boy which addressed all the issues we were having and this has helped him to sleep through the night! We were really struggling with the night time and we were all feeling exhausted but with Sarah’s help and advice within 2 weeks we had vast improvements and with little drama and the improvements keep continuing!

Katie – Abingdon – January 2016

Sarah’s advice has completely changed our lives, I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Our two children (age 4 & 2) had become terrible sleepers. I had to sit with them each night until they fell asleep, they were waking several times per night (each!) and they woke up at 5.30am every day. We were all totally exhausted.
I’d researched online how to change things, but there were so many different approaches and nothing seemed to work.
A friend told me about Sarah and I’m so glad I rang her.
Her advice is sensible, easy to follow and she’s on hand to answer questions as you go through her plan. My kids now go to bed easily, sleep through the night and sleep until 6am, often later. I only wish I’d found her earlier. Thank you Sarah!

Katharine – Devizes – December 2015

When we first spoke to Sarah I wasn’t completely convinced about ‘sleep training’, I wanted to let my baby lead the way but I was somewhat conflicted because I knew that something needed to change.

We had gotten into the habit of feeding or rocking our youngest to sleep and things were getting worse and worse with repeated wakings, feeling upset in his cot, taking a very long time to settle etc etc. The sleep deprivation was taking over and I think we felt a bit captive by the whole thing.

Sarah was wonderful and took time to chat to us and get to know how our family works with regard to routine etc. We started the sleep training and had a couple of bad nights but not particularly worse than they were before. Generally it was such a gradual process that it wasn’t stressful or filled with endless crying that I had been fearful of.

Less than two weeks after we started I am amazed and relieved. We’ve gone from having a very unsettled nine month old in our bedroom, to a baby who is sleeping all night and happily sharing a room with his sister. Our bed time routine is simple and easy for me to do by myself or with my husband; and finally we have confidence in what we’re doing.

Our sanity is saved and we feel we’ve learnt a lot more about what our youngest actually needs. There seems to be a cry it out camp and a boob in the face ten times a night camp. I’m delighted we’ve found an in-between camp which has enabled us not to sleep train; but instead to help our son feel relaxed and secure in his cot. He is now getting the sleep he needs that is so vital for development and important for a happy baby (and mummy).

I am ever thankful to Sarah who has given us a consistent plan to follow but also always been there to support, guide and reassure.

Huge thanks for all your help from a markedly less sleepy family of four xx

Sophie – Hampshire – October 2015

I cannot thank Sarah enough for the help and support she has provided since we called her in. We had a 9 month old waking for 2-3 hours every night, with a 3 year old to entertain and the prospect of returning to work I was at my wits end. Sarah’s approach was very flexible and relaxed which immediately put me at ease. She was able to come and see us very quickly and then after a consultation she put together a plan for us within a few hours. All the advice was put across as a suggestion, with a reason behind it and so I didn’t feel like we were being told what to do at any point. She listened to what we wanted to achieve and what methods we were willing to use in order to get there. She was on the end of the phone/emails to provide support as we encountered problems along the way and we would not be where we are today without her. Even after 6 weeks when we hit another stumbling block, Sarah was quickly available to help and advise to get us back on track. She is very knowledgeable and very professional. If you are thinking of calling Sarah, don’t think anymore, just give her a call!

Rebekah – Fleet – October 2015

I want to thank you very much for coming to see us and for your advice, which has had a transformative effect on our daughter’s sleeping, and, therefore, our family life. We are all much happier!

Emily – Chilton – September 2015

We have two children, one 3 y/o and a 8 month old and I desperately needed someone to help break all the bad sleep habits that we had developed. Sarah helped us understand how the child’s mind and body works and what to do to help our baby go to sleep happily and stay asleep. Once you have a better understanding life is so much easier! Our son has such good sleep associations now that he try’s to roll over and close his eyes before I’ve even zipped up his sleepbag. Oh why didn’t I find you with our first child Sarah!!??

Samantha – Reading – September 2015

Sarah’s help has been absolutely invaluable with our twin girls. I now feel human again! Within two weeks of our consultation the girls were sleeping through until the early morning, having previously got us up at least 8 times each night.

Sarah has been kind and patient with us and listened carefully to our views, making sure her suggestions fitted in with our style of parenting. I was amazed at how quickly following her routine made a difference to the girls sleep, it improved within days. The girls now go to sleep in their cots three times each day with no fussing at all. We are all much happier and well rested!

Sarah has also been fantastic in responding promptly to each of my emails since and she always has some good advice I can follow. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sarah if you are having any sleep issues we could not have done it without her!

Rosie – Devizes – August 2015

After 4 weeks of sleepless nights, we were in much need of a break and desperate for some help with our daughter’s sleep. We found an advertisement of Sarah’s in the NCT newsletter so we decided to give it a go. It is one of the best decisions we have made since our little girl was born. The difference Sarah made was huge and immediate. Before meeting Sarah, we were so anxious about having someone else look after our daughter, as all new parents would be! Sarah put us at ease right away with her kind, calm, reassuring and professional manner. The follow up support has been amazing as well. Knowing that Sarah is there to get us through the rough patches has made such a difference.

Aon and Tim – Pewsey – August 2015

Sarah’s advice was invaluable when we really thought nothing would help get our 11 month old to stop waking 5-6 times a night. She offered calm, practical advise and we have seen such a huge improvement in our little one who now wakes up happy in the morning rather than exhausted and sad. Thank you!

Sarah – Shrivenham – July 2015

I have one big regret…. That I hadn’t got in touch with Sarah sooner!! I have a four year old that has always been a terrible sleeper up until the last few months. I was therefore determined not to make the same mistakes with my newest addition Harper. But after 6 months it appeared I was going down the same path.
I got in touch with Sarah expecting a massive lengthy programme of having my hand held at night while Harper ‘cried it out’ but was instead relieved that after having a meeting and going through my routine at present, an alternative routine was formulated that myself and Harper would be comfortable with (No leaving her to scream the place down. Phew!!)
As soon as Sarah left our morning meeting I attempted to put Harper down for a nap in her cot, something that I have never managed to get her to do. To my surprise she went down and slept for 2 hours!! This is now a daily occurance along with a morning nap too. Before Harper would only sleep during the day in the car, pram or while I was feeding/ holding her. I feel like I have gained a huge part of my life back.
The change extends to night times too. Our bedtime routine is smooth and easy. If she stirs in the night I no longer have to feed her to get her back to sleep.
The change in Harper now that she is getting the sleep she needs is unbelievable, such a happy smiley baby. If you are considering using Sarah’s services my advice would be go for it. It will be a decision you will not regret 🙂

Gemma – Bramley – July 2015

Not only is she a sleep consultant, she’s also a feeding consultant. Sarah’s knowledge and experience are second to none. Being a mother of four herself, she is very competent and has a lot of empathy. She is very flexible and patient and willing to work around you. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone with any parenting issues 🙂

Catherine – Swindon – July 2015

Sarah volunteered with Helping Hands to support a mother of six month old girl twins who had come to Tamba for help as she was suffering with severe post-natal depression. Sarah volunteered with this family from May to July 2015.
Sarah supported mum with regular phone support over three months, in making regular contact with mum Sarah was able to build up their relationship, listening in confidence and reassuring her when mum having a tough time with her illness.
Alongside this support Sarah was able to offer advice and suggestions on how to best care for the babies. Getting out and about was proving difficult for mum as they live in a second floor flat and the logistics of getting them all out safely was a concern. Mum was beginning to wean the babies and again this was causing mum anxiety so Sarah was able to offer practical advice on how best to go about this with two babies at once.
“Sarah has provided telephone support to me to help with weaning, she has been a consistent help which I have really appreciated as we have been able to have ongoing conversations. She is brilliant!”

Mum to six month old girl twins – July 2015

Sarah seriously knows her stuff! We came to her after 10 months of horrendous sleep; exhausted and emotionally and physically drained. I had read other testimonials and doubted we would have our own success story to share at the end given how regularly our baby was waking throughout the night (averaging 5x!) as well as the fact we were dealing with a myriad of issues to do with napping, getting her to sleep in a cot and relentless feeding and rocking to sleep. But in just three weeks, Sarah’s tailor made plan has improved our baby’s sleep significantly.And we were surprised at how little protest and upset all the changes caused and how quickly we began to see results. Fed up with being told that CIO was the only way to ‘fix’ things, it was refreshing to hear Sarah’s gentle approach that totally fitted with our gentle, baby led parenting style.
We were very impressed with how our sleep plan was sensitive and responsive to our baby’s needs and personality, centring on what was going to work best for her. Sarah doesn’t adopt a one size fits all approach and instead carefully personalises a strategy just for you. Sarah is caring, extremely thorough, always on hand throughout the plan to support and reassure and has a very calm, confident, professional and non judgemental manner.We look forward to sleep continuing to improve over the coming weeks and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others – in fact we already have!

L & D – London – May 2015

Our eight month old was waking every two to three hours, which was taking its toll with being back at work. After keeping a sleep diary and having a Skype consultation with Sarah, she pinpointed the issues and gave us a practical plan and the confidence to give it a go. The results were fantastic – within a week he was down to two feeds a night and by the end of the second week he was only feeding the once. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who is having issues with their little one not sleeping.

Izzy and Dave – Northumberland – May 2015

Having Sarah’s support meant we were able to enjoy those early precious days, with peace of mind and knowing we had her guidance to help us through.
It’s hard to explain Sarah’s style, the best way I can think to describe it as is ‘nurturing’. Sarah doesn’t ‘tell’ you what to do, she offers her significant experience and insight in an unobtrusive way that guides you to the right decision and helps with your own learning along the way. She has an amazing demeanour, supporting people through such an intimate time is second nature to her.
We loved having Sarah with us.

Nadine and Steve – Pittleworth – February/March 2015

We contacted Sarah at the point of breaking as a family. We are first time parents and felt we shouldn’t need to ask for help, we should manage ourselves. My only regret is that we left it until our baby was 8 months to call in Sarah. Sarah is calm, experienced and really works to understand your family needs and ensures a solution that will work for you. We were so nervous that ‘sleep training’ equalled crying it out which wasn’t something that fitted with we our gentle / attachment parenting approach. When Sarah arrived, we had a baby that had not slept more than 2 hours since she was born and since my husband and I were both back at work full time, this clearly needed a resolution. The results were immediate and allowed us to continue our gentle parenting ways without compromise. 6 weeks later, we are a much happier family with a baby that sleeps from 7-7! Sarah is quite simply a modern day miracle worker and we would have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you Sarah.

Linzi – Newbury – February 2015

Sarah’s been my saviour. She is so kind and competent and at the same time lightens things with her humour. Whatever she does she does very slowly and gently but the results are very fast in coming. Not many people could do her job but you can see when she smiles at your baby that this is not just a production line for her but she really cares about them. She seems to be able to answer every question and to know just what works at the same time as not pressing an inflexible formula onto you or your baby. And I can say all this after just 6 nights, spread over two weeks, of her help. Thank you Sarah.

Ella – Aldershot – January/February 2015

If you’ve got sleep problems with your child, look no further. Sarah has come to our aid twice since our son was born. Initially, she gave us much needed suport after a tricky birth and gave us comfort when looking after him. After a bout of whooping cough and several other challenges, he simply didn’t sleep well. And after 19 months, we were all very tired, a bit broken and simply refused to just let him cry it out. We had developed a number of well meant but foolhardy strategies.
Sarah developed a simply brilliant interval training sleep plan for when he awoke (it was never if). We anticipated hours of nightly challenges lasting up to 2 weeks. However, after just one night there was a massive improvement and now a month later, we are all sleeping well and enjoying life a lot more. Put simply, we couldn’t have done it without Sarah’s help that took all of our needs into account, as opposed to a brutal Gina Ford-esque one size fits all solution. Sarah’s after-care, was also very kind and helpful. We would all whole-heartedly recommend her.

Claire and James – Winchester – December 2014

Sarah was our night nanny for our third child, and we desperately wish we could have utilized her expertise, care, and friendship with our first two as well. I thought using a night nanny would feel awkward at first, but from the very beginning Sarah put me at ease. Her love for her job was readily apparent and reflected in her work and expertise. She is absolutely brilliant as a person, a caregiver for infants, and a supportive resource for mums during the challenging early haze of newborn life. She was there for me as I struggled through a difficult start with breastfeeding, and she saved me many hours of sleep in the first weeks. She got our baby on track to have great sleeping habits. Sarah’s night nanny services are life-changing!

Laura and Steve – Middle Wallop – September/December 2014

Our five month old twins were waking up three to four times a night, often up for an hour at a time, and waking for the day at anytime from 4am. Having booked a consultation with Sarah, we saw improvements immediately after implementing her suggestions, which were all very in tune with the boys’ needs and sympathtic to our parenting style. After just a couple of weeks, they are waking up much less and are capable of doing 7 to 8 hour stretches of sleep, which is a vast improvement! When they do wake for a feed they go straight back down. Sarah’s insight and advice have proved invaluable; not only do I feel saner after a good night’s sleep (!),but the boys are happier and thriving

Charlotte – Odiham – October 2014

Sarah was a delight to have around, for the few weeks that she helped us out as a night nanny for our 5 week old twin girls and we felt very comfortable with her looking after them while we caught up on some much needed sleep. Sarah was very happy to run with the routine we had already established while offerring useful tips onlooking after our girls. I would recommend Sarah to anyone with both single and multiple babies.

Imogen – Winchester – September 2014

Sarah looked after our second son 3-4 nights a week for a month, when he was 8 weeks old. We had had a tough start with him with silent reflux and dairy intolerance; he would cry in pain for between 6-12 hours every day and we ended up in hospital for 8 nights with him at 5 weeks old. We were exhausted, both physically and emotionally, and finding Sarah through her website was a great relief. Meeting her for the first time, it was clear that she is not only a very experienced and qualified nanny, she is also a super-mummy of four children of her own, which gives her an additional and completely invaluable wealth of knowledge. Her friendly, professional and confident manner put us at ease immediately and our son took to her straightaway. He was still on the route to recovery but Sarah took it all in her stride, helping us to get rid of the dummy he had become dependent on whilst in hospital, and easing him into a more manageable night-time routine. Within a matter of days, he was learning to self-settle, sleep better and taking just two feeds at night. By the end of the month she spent with us, he was just waking once a night for a feed, and self-settling contentedly afterwards.I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough and we will forever be grateful for the support that Sarah gave us as a family through a tricky time.

Daisy – Aldershot – July 2014

It was really nice to be able to talk it all through with someone who has plenty of experience with different babies but who also has the “mummy perspective” as well. I tried what we planned today and it worked really well! It is also nice to know that if we have a rocky patch I have someone to give me some help and advice.

Emily – Andover – July 2014

We warmed to Sarah on our first meeting and initially booked her for a month in order to help settle our newborn twins into a good night routine whilst I recovered from a C-section. The fact we ended up using Sarah for 13 weeks probably says it all! She was able to offer us great advice on putting a routine in place and was very open to looking at different ways to tackle each and every problem as it arose. She was able to offer exceptional support, both practical and emotional, throughout her time with us. Nothing was too much to ask, and Sarah would make all she did look easy, especially handling and feeding the babies, which she could do in tandem when they were small. Though it seemed like our boys would never get the hang of the sleeping through the night thing, it was hugely rewarding when our boys did this for the first time just days before Sarah left us. She had helped us to put everything in place to ensure the boys would get to this point as soon as possible, and we now enjoy having two contented, sleepy babies who we feel are very lucky to have benefitted from Sarah’s excellent care. We would throoughly recommnd Sarah as a night nanny.

Hannah and Bambos- Odiham – April/July 2014

She immediately put us at ease and gave us confidence she could improve our daughter’s sleep (which she did). She is confident, friendly, calm and very experienced. Having Sarah here really has made such a difference to us, she was very hands on which was an added bonus, my favourite part was being brought a cup of tea for the morning breastfeed! Sarah not only encouraged our daughter to self settle but was also on hand to answer lots of general parenting questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Lucy – King Somborne – February 2014

Words I would use to describe Sarah, knowledgeable, supportive, calm, reliable, kind,thoughtful, funny and wholly capable.
We had the good fortune to have Sarah as our night nanny to support us in the role of new parents to twins who were born at 37 weeks gestation until they were 10 weeks old. Sarah was fantastically supportive whilst I was trying to establish breast feeding, providing me with cups of tea and snacks whilst I was expressing and just quietly being there when it was all too much.Sarah was also fantastic in explaining the benefits of routine and in establishing daytime behaviours that ultimately result in great night time behaviour. We now have 12 week old babies that feed every four hours, one sleeps through from 11-7 and the other who is a bit smaller is not far behind. I am truly thankful that our paths crossed and that Sarah was our night nanny. Her support during the first ten weeks was fantastic and without her I think we would both have been floundering as we struggled to adjust to our new roles as parents to twins. I only wish she could stay with us forever!

Sam and Andy – Crawley – October/December 2013

Sarah came to night nanny for our 3 week old son, after a difficult birth which left me quite immobile and in need of major rest. Sarah was incredibly understanding and put us at ease really quickly. We were completely reassured by her amazing credentials and Norland training, and that is backed up by Sarah’s cheery, confident but understated attitude. She was always on hand to answer questions we had about anything and everything! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Claire and James – Winchester – May/July 2013

Sarah was really lovely. Full of good advice and not at all judgemental.

Charlotte – Winchester – August 2013

Thank you so much again for your help last week. I so appreciated your wonderful, calm competence.You made a very difficult time much easier.

Rosie – London – September 2013

After just a two hour consultation with Sarah I felt confident in working towards a routine that made sense for us and our daughter, and within weeks she has been sleeping for 5 to 6 hours, which trust me, is miraculous!She offerred us simple, sensible techniques, that are easy to implement and that have made a genuine difference to our lives.
Sarah Wheeler has a heap of experience and honestly may just change your parenting approach from, lets face it, a bit of a struggle, to a pleasure!

Keziah – Wiltshire – August 2013

You were amazing and an absolute joy to have in the house too!! By all accounts Matilda was just very sorry to see you go…..or more to the point didn’t want to let you go!!

Huge thanks again and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again.

Juliana – Singapore – June 2013

I found her to be so approachable and never judgmental no matter how foolish the question.  She advised me on everything from feeding to sleeping patterns to dummies and then more lately potty training.  She always made time for me and was incredibly caring with my daughter.

She has a complete gift when it comes to advising on or actively looking after children of any age.

Virginia, Germany.

Her obvious strengths included a warm and caring personality.  She was blessed with infinite patience, yet had the ability to instill discipline without causing resentment. She is a dedicated and immensely capable individual, with no weaknesses and many, many strengths. We all love her, and we cannot recommend her too highly.

Maria, Berkshire

Throughout the time that she has worked at Robert Browning School Mrs Wheeler has shown dedication and commitment to her roles and has consistently proved to be an outstanding practitioner.

Robert Browning School

We were absolutely delighted with the way Sarah fitted into the household and the way in which she looked after the triplets. She was obviously extremely competent, always enthusiastic, even at 3am and showed a lovely understanding of children of all ages. ….made my first two weeks home a much more organized and pleasurable experience than it would have otherwise been.

Jackie, Wiltshire.

Sarah is an absolutely first class nanny in all respects. She is by far the best nanny I have ever employed. She is intelligent, confident and carried out her duties to the highest standard. Sarah also carried out Maternity duties when James was born during which time she was superb in forming a routine for James.

Susie, London

Sarah arrived the day our baby came home from hospital so it was to a somewhat disorganized house that Sarah arrived. She immediately took over, organized the house, parents, dogs and the baby and made the first four weeks of our baby’s life a very happy one as well as leaving us full of confidence and in a good routine. I could not recommend Sarah more highly as a maternity nurse.

Mary, Newmarket.

The immediate impression given was of somebody very competent and fully capable of dealing with all aspects of newborn baby care. This proved to be the case, and for the following five weeks Sarah was with us as a maternity nurse. Sarah very swiftly settled both baby and mother into a practical and sensible routine which was continued without difficulty after she departed; she was most efficient, responsible and completely reliable.

the Hawke family, Cheshire

Sarah has left us with two babies whose routine is smooth and generally well planned and has been so some six weeks before Sarah’s departure. We have, therefore, no hesitation in recommending Sarah in the role of maternity nurse.

Mark, Luxembourg

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